Lawn Care Mistakes You Want to Avoid

Many homeowners desire a beautiful lawn, yet make numerous mistakes that interfere with that beauty. We’ll provide a look at some of the most common lawn care mistakes made below so you aren’t making these problems known at your property. If you hire a professional to provide your lawn care winter garden fl, the risk of making these mistakes is considerably reduced.

Improper Fertilization

If you fertilize your lawn at the wrong times or use the wrong products for the area, it will cause immaculate damage to the lawn, including brown spots and grass death. Learn when and how to properly fertilize the lawn to avoid this issue, or leave the job to the pros.

Improper Grass Cutting

Keep the grass at least ΒΌ” tall to prevent it from getting dried out. This will also cause brown spots and many other problems. Plus, the grass looks fuller and healthier when it is left at this length. Set the lawnmower blades before you begin.

Improper Watering

Grass needs water to thrive and to stay healthy, but too much of a good thing is always bad. Once weekly watering is usually the best schedule to keep the grass healthy. You can overwater the grass and this will lead to an array of problems like the other issues. Once again, it is best to leave the job to the pros if you want great results.

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Whether you want the lawn care pros to cut the grass, maintain the plants, or provide other services, they’ll do it with a smile and with the best interests of your grass in mind. Use the tips above to avoid common mistakes that may harbor the ability to create that immaculate looking lawn that you so desire.